Lock Bumping

Protect yourself from Lock Bumping

You may have seen the news recently regarding lock 'bumping', an old trick used by locksmiths for years, now being used by crooks to break into homes and businesses.

More and more, crooks are using a $3 tool called a "bump key" to open front doors. An old locksmiths' trick has found its way into the hands of criminals.


It's important to point out that we're not showing you the details of how to make one work or where to get them. We're only telling you about a trick crooks already know -- and they are using it more and more.

For decades, locksmiths have used carefully-cut keys that they "bump" to open nearly any mechanical lock. Thanks to the internet, their closely-kept trade secrets are now just a mouse click away. For only three bucks a piece, websites offer the specially-cut keys.

But the bad guys still need to know how to use them, right? Free online videos teach the technique. With enough practice, it's so simple, even a kid can do it. At least one boy has posted an internet video of himself using practiced techniques to open a lock.

This is a crime that is on the rise in Washington. Crooks are using these tools more and more. Now, you have the knowledge. So, how do you stop a bump key?

It starts far from your front door. You want to be sure you have good lighting. You want to be sure that your windows are clear so... you don't have a bunch of bushes covering where you could hide behind them.

Then, look at your locks. More expensive "high security" locks fight bumping with complex systems inside. These locks have been around for many, many years. They're very proactive toward defeating these methods.

At Knight Safe & Lock we have engineered a way to prevent Lock Bumping that can be implemented into your existing lock cylinders. By installing special tumblers and springs we can keep your door locks from being bumped. We also have High Security "Grade One" deadbolts that can withstand the most aggressive attacks.

We have the high end "Bump Proof and Pick Proof Locks"

The Solution


We have Primus Proprietary Locking Cylinders.

Patent Protected Primus Key The Primus with its unique patented Side-Bit Milling is rigidly controlled. Only the Schlage factory cuts the side-bit milling on the special key blanks. These key blanks are issued to specific Primus Center locksmiths for the duplication of keys. This feature successfully protects against the unauthorized duplication of keys.

In addition to a conventional pin tumbler mechanism, Schlage Primus cylinder use five fingerprints which interface with the side-bit milling to unlock a separate sidebar assembly. The combination of these two locking technologies, operated by a single Primus key, is the basis of the Dual-Locking cylinder and virtually eliminates lock picking.

Primus cylinders are available in High Security U.L. Listed and Controlled Access versions. The U.L. listed cylinder features strategically placed hardened rods to resist drilling for installations where concern for physical attack is a consideration. Both versions use the same dual-locking mechanism and unique Primus key. For flexibility, Primus cylinders may be combined with conventional Schlage pin tumbler cylinders in one Single Key system. For added security in key control, the Primus key is engineered to ensure a selected standard key will not enter the Primus cylinder. The feature allows a single key system without compromise of security or key control.

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